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A wedding planner such as Tonya Edinger is your secret weapon One of the most important secret weapons of a successful wedding is hiring a wedding planner.

What is one thing a planner won’t forget that a bride or groom may?  Including vendors in final catering count. This can lead to unexpected budget increases or an embarrassment of no food for the people working the hardest for your success in the first party you throw as a married couple.

You might want to know that I personally have a go bag, similar to the ones used on NCIS, you fans know what I mean.  In my bag I carry lost, forgotten, and overlooked items that I have learned I may need from experience.  Bandaids, a sewing kit for wardrobe malfunctions (yes I can sew), mints, floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters – the throw away bouquet for the garter toss is often missing, lost, or just never showed up, toothbrush, and so much more!  My specialty is planning the whole wedding (also called full planning, Cinderella Package) with you and your fiancee, so I am with you for at least a year, we become friends, you both become comfortable with me, you both trust me and can ask me for anything!  Grooms usually forget to eat, and brides need things like personal feminine items, who else could you ask for those things?

Discover what an expert planner like Tonya Edinger can do for you!

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