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Bantam Jeep Festival 2015

Sean and I have been asked to DJ and Master of Ceremony, with Ultimate Entertaining by DJ Sean, the Bantam Jeep Fest this Friday June 12th at BC3 Butler Community College by the Butler County Tourism Bureau. We are so excited! What a privilege this is to be a part of tradition and heritage!! We even bought special music to play about Jeeps!

And you can come request songs or text 724-968-7135 with your request and #BantamJeepFest and we will put it on for you!!

Can you feel it? There is something special about a jeep, driving around a totally working vehicle that is missing parts, sometimes doors are taken off and the roof is usually off, how else could your hair blow in the wind? I have been blessed to ride in a Jeep on occasion and I feel it….you are transported to what I can only describe as the beach, a carefree way about you, your hair flapping around your face, and most importantly you just look oh sooooo cool!

I have another friend Laurie who has been gracious enough to share her Jeep Love Story with me, here it goes.

“I am a jeep owner from way back. My brother bought an old Willies jeep from the 40 ‘ s. Long story short, it got passed around in the family. When my ex-husband got it he just used it to plow our driveway. It had no seats, the gas tank was gone, and he just used an old gas can. He accidentally rolled it over a hillside… he didn’t get hurt, but the Jeep flipped 3 times, it threw up parts on the way down. Well, he hooked the gas can back up, put a few random parts on it, and drove it out of the ravine.

That convinced me I needed to own Jeeps. The one I have now is my favorite. Plus, everyone that owns a wrangler passing on the road does the special Jeep 2 finger wave. I love being in a special little club. Hope this helps!”
Yes is does, Laurie! I feel like I just peeked in the window of the past. So, come with me, let’s push that window wide open and see what happens!!!

See you Friday in Butler the home of the iconic jeep! Have an eventful day!

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