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At the end of last year, a colleague of mine Adrianna introduced me to Kate Batten and shared her story about David’s Angels.  You can read it here.

Kate is an amazingly strong woman!  I am usually drawn to other women I can encourage and help grow, Kate helped me grow and touched my heart with her mission of her grandson David.  She made a tragedy become a resource for others. At the end of my planning process, I have a debriefing meeting to go over everything and ask for a review and referrals.  One of the main questions I ask is what will you be doing with your wedding dress? I offer a cleaning service from my preferred cleaner who is just so efficient and always willing to help me out. If my client does not want to get the dress cleaned they often will just say can you give this to someone, so I had been saving them for something I knew I would be guided as to what to do with them when the time was right.

My cousin, Joyce, gave me a few dresses she procured and we were going to sell them on eBay, well that didn’t work and after 6 months I decided all these dresses must go.

That is when I met Kate.  Adrianna generously offered to gift the shipping and we sent 9 gowns over to her.  She was so grateful and got to work right away. In talking with her she revealed she also takes bridesmaids gowns too!

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