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Wonder Women

“While you may be influenced to pick your best friend or your sister, I advise brides to pick a Wonder Woman as their Maid of Honor.” -Tonya Edinger

Of course, you should pick your best friend as your maid of honor… Right?

Well, maybe not.

Choosing your Maid of Honor is a huge desicion. She will be your right-hand woman for through months of planning. While you may be influenced to pick your best friend or your sister, I advise brides  to pick a Wonder Woman as their Maid of Honor.

When I think “maid of honor,” I don’t think “best friend.” I also don’t think “sister.”

I think “sidekick” and “wing-woman.”

What to do.

When you make your choice, ask your fiancé for his input. Not only will he offer advise based on what he’s seen, but it will make him feel special and strengthen the bond of your relationship.

When you ultimately make the decision, communication is key. Make sure you have a conversation with your best friend or sister. Explain why you didn’t pick them.

Also, if you don’t choose your sister, it may be important to also hold a conversation with your mom. But discuss the topic with both your sister and mom separately. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are outnumbered.

Five reasons to not pick your best friend (or sister) as your Maid of Honor:

  1. She’s not your best friend anymore.

Sure, you promised her that she would be your maid of honor… but that was in third grade.

You are both different people now. Perhaps she still has a spot in the bridal party, but she’s not the right choice for Maid of Honor.

  1. She doesn’t listen to you.

If she doesn’t listen to you about little things, it will be the same with the big things.

Your Maid of Honor should be whichever friend listens to you best. It’s this friend who will be able to support you through the wedding planning process and alleviate stress.

Your maid of honor might be your best friend or sister, but she should always be your wing-woman.

  1. She’s unorganized.

She will be your wing-woman. Your date to every bridal show you attend.

Being organized is a must.

  1. She always wants to be the “star of the show.”

This is your big day, not hers. If your best friend likes to stand out too much, don’t pick her as the Maid of Honor.

  1. You don’t believe she will be a life-long friend.

Your Maid of Honor should be someone you want to keep in your life long term. Just think, about the future when you will talk and laugh about your wedding day together.

If your best friend is a temporary friend, choose her for the wedding party, but leave her out when considering who to choose as Maid of Honor.

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