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Is it worth including a white dove release in your Pittsburgh wedding ceremony or has this tradition become too cliché?


Did you know that the tradition of releasing white doves at weddings has been around for centuries? The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all had some form of dove release.

Today people still enjoy this beautiful tradition to celebrate their wedding day. The ceremony is simple and symbolic. A pair of white doves are released into the sky as a way to symbolize peace, hope, purity and love. It’s a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate your marriage with family, friends, and loved ones.

White dove releases in Pittsburgh continue to be a popular option, but are they the right fit for your wedding? Here’s 6 reasons to consider having a white dove release at your wedding.

A Time-Honored Tradition

white dove release in pittsburgh

The white dove release is a time-honored tradition that speaks to the beauty of love and peace. It has been present in different cultures for centuries, from ancient Rome all the way up to today’s weddings. It is uncertain when or why this tradition began, but it is nonetheless significant and meaningful in many cultures. Having a white dove release at your wedding will connect you to this enduring history.

White Dove Releases are Good for the Environment

white dove release in pittsburgh

White doves are gentle animals and pose no risk to people or property, so releasing them at your wedding will not harm anything in its path. Unlike confetti or rice throwing, nothing will be left behind during a white dove release that needs cleaned up.

White Dove Releases are Budget Friendly

A white dove release is not just a powerful tradition, it is also very affordable. Unlike many aspects of weddings, a dove release has a big effect while still being reasonable in price. It’s also one of the most memorable parts of any wedding, which makes it worth every penny!

White Dove Releases are a Great Photo Opportunity

white dove release in pittsburgh

A white dove release is a classic photo opportunity that will look great on any wedding album. For those who want to take engagement photos, the doves can also provide excellent natural backdrops for couples shots!

White Dove Releases are a Beautiful Symbol

The image of two people coming together and their life paths merging is one that never gets old. A white dove release represents peace and harmony as a couple unite. The dove release is symbolic of peace and unity as well as unconditional love – which makes an ideal symbol for the union they’re about to embark on.

White Dove Releases Can Incorporate the Entire Family

white dove release in pittsburgh

A white dove release is a great opportunity for the entire family to take part in the ceremony. With many traditions, only members of one side of the family participate; with this tradition, everyone can be involved and have their own sense of ownership over it!


If you’re looking for the perfect way to symbolize your unity during your special day, consider a white dove release with my team at Weddings of Pittsburgh.

We work with the ultimate wedding dove release professionals in Pittsburgh: Dovecote Missions. Owner and founder Ken Haselrig has decades of experience performing dove releases for wedding couples in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Weddings of Pittsburgh is here to make sure all aspects of your wedding are memorable from start to finish. That includes the release of doves at the picture perfect moment. Contact us today or book a call if you want an unforgettable wedding experience with beautiful symbolism incorporated in every detail.

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