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A couple years back I had a bride tell me she really wanted 50 gold table runners for her venue. The problem? She told me this on the day of her wedding. Oh, and I was 4 hours away from my warehouse.

In true Tonya fashion, I was able to whip up something for her at the last minute that pleased her, but communication would have saved us both a whole lot of stress. So, I asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted this sooner?” She told me she didn’t want to speak up, because of all the other projects I had helped her with. She felt like she had already overburdened me. My reply was, “That’s my job! I take on the stress, so you don’t have to!”

Listen, I am here for you! Do not spare my feelings if you want something for your big day! There’s a reason the phrase “communication is key” is one of my top mottos. This is also why I have in writing that my clients must communicate with me if I am not living up to their expectations. I am here to support you every step of the way in your event planning process, but I can only be as good as the information you give me!

If I ask you if you are loving the design, and you say yes, I am going to believe you. As far as I know, I don’t have the ability to read minds … yet! If you are not communicating something to make me feel better, please don’t do that! This is your wedding or event and I want it perfect just like you. Trust me, I can handle the truth, and you are not going to hurt my feelings.

I’ll never forget an experience I had as a little girl. It’s something I look back and laugh about, but it was still an important lesson. I didn’t tell my dad I broke a vase in our living room, and I blamed it on our cat. He put the cat outside for the day, but that night I came clean feeling wracked with guilt. My dad told me that our poor cat had to suffer on a chilly day late in the fall, because I wasn’t honest. So, not being honest affects yourself and other people. Let’s be each other’s advocate and tell each other the whole truth – even if the truth is not pretty.

I am your confidant and someone you can trust.  The more you share with me the better I can serve you. I do this job out of love and passion. It brings me great joy to serve, design, and plan events and weddings.

Communication is important in more than just planning. Take my personal experience. I usually communicate well with my husband, but sometimes it breaks down. Just because we’ve been married for 30 years does not mean my husband can read my mind! Yes, we can get each other’s subtle cues, but when I am vulnerable and share my feelings and thoughts with Sean we thrive together.

This goes for my company as well! I have several employees I manage, and I love to point out their strengths often as we are our biggest critics so showing someone and telling them they are amazing at certain things also, goes a long way.  Again, only do it if it is genuine!

When you are ready to share your dreams with me, I will be ready to make them come true at Weddings of Pittsburgh! So what are you waiting for? Let’s make it happen for you. Call me today at 724-968-7135 or contact me online.

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