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Get enough sleep, eliminate distractions, and stress to begin enjoying your life journey.

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you said something dumb?  Or hurtful?  Maybe you didn’t mean it and were just feeling a little scritchy.  Did you know that science tells us when we are sleep deprived we are more likely to snap, especially at those closest to us.

How do we fix it you ask?  Read on my friend!

According to a study published in SLEEP Journal, when you get a lower amount of sleep then you need, you tend to react more negatively to stressors in your life, no matter how minor they are. You will also be less likely to be as excited about something great that’s happening in your life.  Like your wedding, which should have all of your attention so you can remember every savory detail! I would love to help you with this, let’s chat and I can show you how to playfully have fun with planning the happiest day of your life.

When it comes to your relationship, this means that you are less likely to appreciate your partner trying to do nice things for you, and more likely to be grumpy when something doesn’t go as planned – simply from not getting enough sleep. The good news is, there’s a lot that you can do to fix this.

If you sense that something is off, talk about it to your partner, delay the discussion until you’ve had a good night’s sleep, or at least a nap.   Sleep will allow you to see things from a new perspective and remember there are always different ways to look at things.  Communicating deeply and openly is a great start to a forever marriage.

How Can You Make Your Sleep Environment Better?

  • Update Your Bedding

If you’ve recently gotten married or moved in with your partner, chances are you’ve consolidated your bedding. This might not have been the best choice, though. Even though you love each other, you might not need the same type of mattress. If you are waking up in the middle of the night because you’re uncomfortable, you might need to try a new mattress or some new pillows. Take your honey shopping with you to go find something that works well for both of you!

Storytime: I just ordered my honey orange sheets, it’s his favorite color.  When they arrived from Amazon, I quickly washed them and put them on and then said my favorite thing “Hey babe, I freshed the sheets.”  Freshed the sheets, doesn’t that sound like sheer comfort.  Ahhhhh all new, all clean, smelling fantastic, mmmmm.

Safty First!

  • Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Do you know if your house has a carbon monoxide detector? If you don’t, it’s time to get one, especially if you have gas appliances. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless gas that can cause severe issues if not monitored. You should have one somewhere in your bedroom.

This is a hard one but will pay off HUGE dividends.

  • Put Your Smartphone Away at Bedtime

Scrolling through your notifications before bed is bad for your mental health and bad for your sleep schedule. The blue light that your phone screen emits causes your brain to wake up and pay attention to what’s on it. It stops producing melatonin, the chemical that helps you to feel tired, for up to three hours after you use your phone. This only gets worse as you get older.

There is a button on your phone to turn off the blue light, Google it.  It will be the best thing you ever do.

Baby steps and celebrate your success on this one, I started with 10 mins before bed no phone, it ws soooooo hard, but YAY! I made it a week later I went to 15 and so on.  I do slip occassionally but hey who is perfect?

Choosing an expert planner that has passion and your best interests in mind like myself relieves a huge amount of stress. Just knowing that someone who plans for a living can take your visions and create that down to the detail is relaxing in and of itself. Click here to schedule your personal consultation and see if we are a good fit. It’s time to begin getting the peaceful sleep you deserve.

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