Is it possible to have a worry free wedding –  how would I go about organizing everything to achieve this elusive goal?  Let my team and I take care of details that stress you out and watch us come up with creative solutions personalized just for you!

One Thursday afternoon the snow was coming down hard as I looked out the window of the restaurant.  I was with my business coach discussing my personal client avatar.  As I let my mind reminisce about the last 3 weddings I did I realized I was hired by grooms every single time!!!  This was huge!  I set out to reconnect and ask why?

Unequivocally the answer for all three was, my testimonials, attention to details, and most importantly they wanted to give their bride an anxiety free wedding!!  Did you hear that?  Take that in for a minute.  Most of the time we are under the misconception that guys don’t care, or don’t want to be involved, but, they do!! If it bothers you, it bothers them.  They want the best for you, to always see you happy and smiling!  They love you!  Brides share this article with your fiance! Grooms, you know what to do!

Last week I shared that planning a wedding takes about 300 hours and doing it yourself equates to a part time job of around 15 hours per week without pay, possibly unsure of what it is you are doing, and becoming quite overwhelmed.  Has the realization of all the work that goes into a wedding got you a little stressed out?  Who can you talk to about this?  Your fiance!  Your planner!

I was giving a talk about planning a worry free wedding and when I was done one groom came up to me and said I need to get you for my wife to be!  She works full time, has no time to plan, and we are getting married in 5 months!  How busy are you?  What is most important to you?  Service? Quality? or Price?  I do not make you choose, I give you all three!!  Don’t settle, choose Event Planner, Tonya Edinger with Weddings of Pittsburgh and all your other decisions will become easy!

We made sure she had a worry free wedding

A stress free wedding does not mean perfect, there is no such thing.  An anxiety free wedding means an advocate by your side handling vendors not doing what they said they would do.  Overcoming problems that may arise and handling things that don’t go as planned.

Even coffee can make for a worry free wedding with Tonya Edinger from Weddings of Pittsburgh

Even coffee can make for a worry free wedding with Tonya Edinger from Weddings of Pittsburgh

One of my brides told her caterer she would need coffee for the cake and cookies, she was very specific about this.  The day of the wedding they forgot the coffee and my bride became very upset.  I assured her I would take care of it and put her mind at ease.  I got the buffet line started and left my assistants in charge.   On my way out the door I phoned the closest coffee shop and asked for 200 cups of coffee.  I told them I would be there in 15 minutes and it had to be ready to go.  It took half an hour, by the time I returned to the reception the cake was about to be cut and everyone had coffee, the bride was happy and no one knew what happened.  I was there to make it worry free!  Who do you have by your side?

How can you have a worry free wedding?

Grooms, make the investment in a wedding planner.  Having someone in your corner to run things past and getting a third opinion is always helpful.  Brides, planners are not there to take anything away from you and your mother’s planning.  I am here to enhance it, make it flow more smoothly, and turn your ideas into a beautiful symphony.

So if you want a care free wedding call/text 724*968*7135 to set up an appointment today!  Or click here!

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