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Meet Wedding DJ Sean Edinger who spins excitement with Ultimate Entertaining!  #WeBringTheFun

Tell us more Sean, about the new personalized wedding everyone wants.

First of all you should hire a wedding DJ for your wedding!  Check their references.

Let’s start out with the most popular event, the first dance, guess what?  There isn’t one.  I can tell you that couples today are owning the wedding, doing things their way!  The traditional format is fading.  Don’t get me wrong some couples want that tradition and that’s great, just know you can now put your own personalized spin on it!    I, DJ Sean will hook you up!

Wedding Planner and DJOne bride walked down the aisle to Game of Thrones, she was a little nervous but my wife, Tonya, was her wedding planner and she told her to go for it, she did and it was brilliant, everyone knew the couple was into the show and when she came out to that it was regal!  It just made it that much more special for them, don’t worry about what people think, you and your fiancée are the ones that will be talking about it forever, so do what you want!!!

Another huge trend is monogram and designer lights where couples design a picture of anything they love and we place it on the wall behind the head table.  Uplighting is also a big trend, every wedding I did had it.  I always offer it as a wedding DJ it really enhances my brand and as Tonya says “It creates a couples mood for the evening and a they can design a theme completely on color!”

Look for this trend to continue and get even bigger not only at weddings but events as well!!! To hire me go here.

I always tell couples this is the first party you throw together as a couple, it sets the stage for future parties.

A good wedding DJ will sit down with you and go over your whole wedding in a step by step process.

Money Dances are out, I only had one money dance last year, instead couples are choosing to spend more time with their family and friends mingling and reuniting.  The one money dance that was done donated some of the money to charity.

Trending for father daughter dances is a more elaborate design, some couples are taking lessons to showcase what they have learned in father daughter, first dances, or a special choreographed dance. Special first dances from t.v. shows, flash mobs, or whatever else is personal to the couple.  A wedding DJ needs to be current on these new dances.

Some couples do not have a father daughter dance due to divorce, passing on, or other family issues.  It really depends on the situation and I accommodate any way I can!

Brianna and Mike with The Dynamic Wedding Duo by Brittany Jaroudi Photographer

One really FUN one I did was where a bride and her dad began to slow dance to Bed of Roses then my wife, wedding planner Tonya Edinger with Weddings of Pittsburgh, walked out as if to interrupt and everyone was like what the?  She handed them both microphones and they sang a song they wrote with the music from the Red Hot Chili Pepper “Give it Away”.  Everyone was on their feet roaring and clapping and crowding around, the energy was electric! You can see it on our Facebook page.  No one had a clue except, myself, my wife (since she was planning it) the bride and her dad.  Groom and Mom got a big surprise and were so happy their talents were woven into the day!

I make a special mix for every entrance song so that each couple in the wedding party can come in to what they want, couples love it, it is a HUGE selling point for me!

They tell me what they want and I make it happen!

Mannequin challenges are totally in, everyone loves them and it is a glimpse of the wedding that is instantly on social media and everyone loves it!

Nascar CakeWe had another bride do a NASCAR theme and her cake had “mud” chocolate icing flung on it, then her father daughter dance started out all slow with Heartland I loved her first then I fake scratched a record like back when they had records and we went into “takin care of business” because when she was little her and her dad used to dance to that all the time. Everyone went nuts because they knew that and it was exciting and FUN.

The bonds of tradition have been broken and anything goes.  A lot of that is due to the couple footing the bill and they are like “this is what we want and we are going to have it”.  And why not?

The garter and bouquet are even getting more obsolete unless it’s an adult wedding then it still prevails but mostly for a gag, we have had several guys pull out large undies, or put a coal miner hat on with a flashlight on the front, or lighted glasses.  It is more of a funny thing than traditional.

Lastly the last dance for me is always Goodnight Sweetheart for 18 years now, I always end with this as it becomes a social cue that it’s time to leave, the party is over.  The banquet manager knows that I am ending with that and then they turn on the lights and it’s a wrap.  For more tips and trends follow DJ on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed tips from the best wedding DJ around!

Your favorite wedding and event planner,

Tonya Edinger

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