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Planning a big event is hard enough, but what do you do when something goes wrong at the last minute?

This was the unfortunate case for my client James. I’ll let him share his experience:

“I called Tonya out of the blue with a huge request. I found out that my wedding venue cancelled on us. We were just two months before my wedding.

I asked if she could call her contacts to see what other venues were available on last minute notice. I’ll be honest – my outlook was bleak.

Tonya dropped everything to help us, working late on a Thursday night and finding two incredible options for our wedding.

I know that this is Tonya’s business, and she is clearly very good at what she does. But in my short time working with Tonya, she showed me through her actions what an incredible person she is, and how she was willing to drop everything to help a bride and groom she had never met.

She wanted to help us not because it would make her a lot of money, but because that’s just the type of person that she is. Pittsburgh wedding couples, you can rely on Tonya to deliver whatever it is you need. Thank you Tonya!”

I am so glad I could help James avert a wedding nightmare. This is the value of having my team and I plan your wedding.

Life has a way of throwing obstacles in our paths. It can happen to anyone!

My team and I always prepare for those last minute curveballs. With our resources and expertise, we can help you to overcome those obstacles, so you can just focus on having a beautiful day.

This is a memory you cannot do over, you want your family and friends to be present and enjoy themselves, not let you down.  I can tell you countless stories of how couples trusted a family member or friend to save a dollar only to find them shoving your memories in a box without a care in the world and sometimes mad that they said yes while the rest of the family is drinking and having a fun time and they are left out. It is not worth it.

Once this happened to a mother of the groom she was packing everything up, as the couple had only hired our DJ services and we were tearing down while she was cursing and crying about being left out.  And you know yourself we all say yes to things we should have said no to.  In my personal opinion it is not good etiquette to even ask.

This is the first party you throw as a couple and you do not want to skimp on the care of family right out of the gate.  And do not even get me started by saying you have a wedding planner at your venue.  You simply do NOT and with all the short staff situations and turnover rate I pray you learn the difference between a Concierge Full Service Wedding Planner and a Venue Coordinator.

For more insight see Jenny’s testimonial.  I currently have a client at a prominent hotel in Pittsburgh and we are on our 4th coordinator in only 8 months.  My  team and I are educated and continue to stay on top of our craft so you do not have to.  Our expertise allows you to sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting.

To learn more book a quick consult here and let’s talk about your wedding!

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