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Book a consultation today.

Some brides know their theme, and others don’t, at first… AND THAT’S NORMAL.  While some bride’s walk-in to their first consultation meeting with me, having pondered their perfect theme, more often though brides aren’t so certain.  I have a few stories I want to share with you today. Then, I will share my own suggestions for finding YOUR own special wedding theme.

Up, up, and Away

Rachel and Ryan didn’t have a lot of ideas when they came to me, but they knew they wanted a theme. We started talking, and I wish I could remember how this came up, but I found out they both LOVED the Disney Movie, Up.

It started as a joke, but then when we began thinking of all the possibilities for an Up themed wedding, Rachel and Ryan fell in love with it. The tables at the reception had mini balloon centerpieces and as people entered, they were asked to sign the couple’s “adventure book.”

But perhaps the most exciting part of the day was after the ceremony. The couple left the ceremony in style; they took a short hot air balloon ride as newlyweds.

A Day at the Carnival

When Polly and Kevin met with me, I found out that Kevin’s parents offered for their house to serve as the couple’s venue. Kevin loved the idea, considering it a great money-saving opportunity, but Polly didn’t. She explained that she didn’t want a backyard bonfire kind of wedding. Her soon to be in-laws typically held bonfires there throughout the summer, and she was afraid that her mother-in-law might take over and turn this into the same sort of celebration.

I was happy they came to me. This kind of situation could have ended up as a disaster. Fortunately, I was able to help! I asked what ideas Polly had for the wedding, and one of them was a carnival theme—something perfect for the venue. We’d have lots of room to set up games and the decoration possibilities were endless.

I promised Polly that her mother-in-law would be my problem, not hers. And the planning began! The day was a huge success. Guests had a blast playing carnival games while the couple was getting their wedding photos taken, and everyone, including Polly’s mother-in-law seemed happy.

Inside a Harry Potter book

Talk about magical.  This wedding was more than magical.  Mary and Austin had a Harry Potter themed wedding.  It was the closest thing to Hogwarts you could get without being Harry Potter.

She came to her consultation with tons of ideas for the theme, and I helped me make those dreams into a reality.  Mary and her husband, both huge Harry Potter fans, met in college. One of their first few dates was to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Mary told me that she’d been planning a Harry Potter themed wedding since she had first read the books as a teen.  She had a Pinterest board set up for it and everything.

Leave the stress behind. Book your consultation today.

Leave the stress behind. Book your consultation today.

Struggling to find your theme?

Brainstorm. What do you and your fiancée like to do? Maybe more importantly, what do you like to do together? What are your favorite movies? Books? Sports teams?

I remember one bride who came into a consultation with absolutely no ideas about a theme.  We met a few days before a big Steelers game, and she was telling me about the game-day party she and her fiancé were holding at their new house.

“What about a Steelers themed wedding?” I asked. It was a great fit for this couple, and we executed the game plan perfectly. There were cookies shaped like footballs. The wedding colors: Black and Gold, of course! The couple came into the reception waving terrible towels, and their family and friends got really into it, too.

When deciding on a theme, it is important to consider factors like:

  1. The season you are getting married in. A beach-party themed wedding might work best in the summer.  It’s also more practical because you have the weather on your side.  Likewise, unless you are aiming for a “Christmas in July” celebration, a winter wonderland theme works best in winter.
  2. The venue. You can base the venue on your theme, by picking a barn for your country wedding. But if you have a venue that you want, then your theme should match the venue.  Don’t try throwing a hoe-down in a chic city ballroom.
  3. Your wedding colors. Like in the venue scenario, you can base your colors on your theme, but if your heart is set on certain colors, then your theme should relate to those colors.
Get started today. Book your consultation now.

Get started today. Book your consultation now.

There’s so much more to choosing a theme, but it starts with a consultation.  I have an ever-growing list of ideas and am excited to share them with you. Call today!

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